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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KardiaChain?

KardiaChain is The First Decentralized Interoperable and Self-Optimized Blockchain Infrastructure. The ultimate goal of KardiaChain is to create a unified ecosystem where developers can easily create smart contracts that can run on multiple blockchains.

What Is $KAI Token?

KAI is the primary token on the KardiaChain network. KAI is used for securing the network through staking, governance, payments, and for fees.

How is KardiaChain Different?

With the help of KardiaChain, developers can easily create smart contracts that can run on multiple blockchains to optimize costs, avoid congestion, and allow communication with smart contracts on other chains in a trustless and secure manner.

Where can I buy KAI tokens?

You can buy KAI tokens from any major DEX like Uniswap, Pancakeswap and through major CEX like Kucoin and Gate. Visit our Buy KAI page to learn more.