What is KAI token used for?

KAI is the primary token on the KardiaChain network. KAI is used for securing the network through staking, for governance, for payments, and for fees.


Establishing a Proof-of-Stake Network

Crypto Payments

On-Chain Governance

Network Fees

Getting Started With KAI Staking In 3 Simple Steps:

Stake your KAI tokens to generate passive income on your KAI holdings

Step 1:

Setting up your Kardiachain wallet. You can Download the app or install the wallet extension on your browser

Step 2:

Transferring your KAI tokens from exchange/Dex to your wallet (only use Kardiachain network “KRC20”) You can check the list of supported exchanges here

Step 3:

Joining a Validator pool via the website, alternatively, you can also join staking pools directly through KardiaChain mobile app.

Where to buy $KAI?

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