KardiaChain is an EVM compatible, layer 1 solution which specializes in providing seamless interoperability across chains. This is possible because of Dual Node and elastic sharding infrastructure.

🔨 Start Building

Setup the development environment, get the tools.

💸 Create a Token

Launch your own KRC-20 Token, KardiaChain’s equivalent of ERC-20.

🏗 Building a dApp

Get started building your decentralized app or marketplace.

📲 Manage a Wallet

Setup Kardia Network in Metamask, Create a wallet, check your balance, and learn about wallet options.

🎛 Run a Validator Node

Validate transactions, secure the network, and earn rewards.

💡 Learn More

Learn How KardiaChain Works. Get a high-level understanding of Kardia’s architecture.

Video Tutorials